5 Tricks For Instant Crediting When Making Bank Payment For Bulk SMS Units

While it is true that crediting of account through bank payment for bulk SMS units isn’t an automated system, we have realized it still ranks among one of the medium of payments used the most by many of our clients. In view of this, here are 5 short tricks to get your bulk SMS account credited instantly when making bank payment for bulk SMS units.

Genius Asked on March 8, 2016 in General.
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1. Always Pay in With Your Username as the Depositor’s Name: When you make bank payment for bulk SMS units, our crediting department gets the payment from the bank with the name you used as the name of Depositor while filling the deposit slip. It might be difficult to know who to credit with the payment when the alert comes with a name that is not your username on the platform, which might cause delay in crediting your account. When you pay directly with your username, it is easier to know who made the payment, and for your account to be credited instantly.

2. Ensure the payment is posted and with the correct username before leaving the bank: Once you fill your deposit slip and give to the bank cashier, the money paid has to be posted to the receiving party before the other account can get it. Sometimes, perhaps due to the size of transactions happening in the bank for the day, the bank cashiers might not post the payment you made immediately it was made. To ensure your account gets credited instantly when you make payment, you could urge the bank cashier(s) to send the payment as soon as it’s made. Also ensure the payment is sent with the correct username. Over here we have a fast crediting system that treats them as soon as they get here.

3. Forward the payment details as a text message: This is not a necessity. It is just an option that could ensure faster crediting for your bulk SMS account. We have special agents in charge of treating such messages and even when your payment lags in the queue of payments made, it will be attended to faster following the message you’ve sent. The message that would be forwarded will include:

-The username

-The amount paid

-The bank paid into, and

-The teller number

4. Forward the details to our always active WhatsApp chat agents: WhatsApp is fast becoming one of the biggest chat platforms in Nigeria. Well, the good thing is BossSMS is also live on WhatsApp. We have chat agents that attend to questions and inquiries 24 hours of the day. You can also use this medium to facilitate quick crediting of your bulk SMS account. Simply forward the payment details listed above to our WhatsApp account and get your bulk SMS account credited without delay. You could also take a snapshot of the deposit slip and send it over. The speed at which your bulk SMS account gets credited through this means may amaze you.

5. Call our customer care agents and have your account credited even before you drop the call: After making your payment, you could put a call through to one of our customer care agents and give the details of your payment for faster crediting of your bulk SMS account.

At BossSMS, we are geared towards ensuring you get your SMS units as soon as you request for them. We already have an optimized crediting system which ensures this becomes a reality. By following the above suggestions though, you could enhance and fasten the process.

Are you too busy to use the bank to make payment? Or maybe you want an automated system of crediting? You can also try using the  online payment through voguepay option.

Comments on these suggestions will be appreciated.

Genius Answered on March 8, 2016.
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