How to Send Bulk SMS (Message)

How to Send Bulk SMS (Message) Directly by Copying and Pasting Numbers or Typing Directly

Genius Asked on December 6, 2015 in FAQS.
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1.    To send SMS log in at To learn how to login step by step, please click here.

2.    After successful login, you will be directed to the web page where you can send SMS page or visit

RE: How to Send Bulk SMS (Message)

3.    In the Sender ID text box, type the desired sender ID (What will show on the recipient’s phone as the sender of the message)

4.    In the Message Box, type the message

5.    In the Recipients box, you can

a.    Type the phone numbers directly. The phone numbers can be separated by any of the following comma (,) or space or placed on a new line. Formats allowed are 080xxxxxxxx or 234xxxxxxxx. Start international numbers with a + sign e.g +44xxxxxxxxxx.

b.    You can copy the phone numbers from another file and paste them directly in the Recipients Box

RE: How to Send Bulk SMS (Message)

6.    When you are done click the Send button

7.    You will subsequently be informed of how many messages were sent, how many duplicates were removed and how many invalid numbers are removed.


Genius Answered on December 6, 2015.
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